Additional Services

Fitness and Wellness Center Management

Integrated Wellness Partners (IWP) has more than 30 years of experience in successfully managing commercial, corporate and medically-integrated health and fitness centers. We bring this same expertise, used in successfully operating our own centers, to work on your behalf to make certain your project reaches and exceeds all of its goals. Importantly, in managing your facility we believe that a strong alignment of interests helps to insure that we share, meaningfully, in both the risk and reward in achieving success for your center.

IWP provides a unique and flexible “turn-key” capability to center operations. Our ability to supply a uniquely crafted solution for your project includes both on-site and corporate-level support for:

  • Center management
  • Staffing/HR services
  • Programming/service line development
  • Marketing/sales strategy and execution
  • Technology integration and support
  • Accounting/finance tracking and reporting
  • Community wellness and outreach


Feasibility and Market Studies

One of the first significant steps in getting to a “go/no go” decision for the project you are considering is to engage in a comprehensive feasibility study. There are any number of qualified firms that will conduct a feasibility study that will provide you with useful information. Unlike other firms, however, IWP utilizes the same rigorous feasibility process and standards for our clients that we employ in evaluating the viability of new projects that we own and operate ourselves. IWP invests millions of dollars of our capital in our company owned projects. As a result, our feasibility studies have to be right…every time. We bring this same commitment to “getting it right” to our feasibility work for our clients as well.

Our comprehensive approach to the feasibility process starts with understanding the vision you have for your project. Then, we set about assessing the quantitative and qualitative factors that need to be understood to determine the likelihood of project success. The following are typically included in our feasibility process:

  • Needs assessment
  • Market study
  • Core program identification
  • Operations and staffing plans
  • 10 year operational pro forma
  • Project site analysis
  • Facility building program and budget
  • Capital requirements and ownership structure


Operational Audits

Whether you have a facility that is struggling to meet its project goals or is simply in need of a “tune-up” in critical areas, IWP is able bring to bear its decades of health and fitness center operational experience in doing a deep dive on different aspects of your operation to understand its strengths and weaknesses. Based on our assessment, we make concrete, achievable and actionable recommendations that will lead to improved operational success for your facility.

Utilizing our management, marketing and finance experts, we can evaluate any and all aspects of your operation from top to bottom:

  • Staffing effectiveness and efficiency
  • Programming and ancillary services assessment
  • Market strategy and positioning
  • Gap analysis and market opportunities
  • Sales and retention processes
  • Technology application
  • Physical plant and equipment status
  • Financial performance analysis


Consulting Services

With its broad and deep expertise in the development and operation of commercial and medically-based health and fitness centers, IWP is uniquely situated to consult organizations to help them determine what the best path is forward for them.

Areas of consulting services include:

  • Feasibility
  • Real estate
  • Ownership structures
  • Financing
  • Market strategy development
  • Operations management
  • Integrated center and community programming
  • Corporate wellness
  • Health and wellness technology