EcoSystem of Well-Being

The IWP Model

In response to the pervasive lifestyle-related health challenges negatively impacting our nation, Integrated Wellness Partners has developed a  unique, comprehensive, turnkey community-wellness model. The primary elements of this model include: a medically-integrated health and wellness center facility, comprehensive worksite wellness services, collaborative school and university-directed wellness programming, community organization collaborations, governmental engagement and a fully integrated data and engagement solution.

Watch this short video to learn more about IWP’s “Ecosystem of Well-Being” Model…

Worksite and University Wellness Services

IWP offers high-quality comprehensive worksite wellness services to the local business community in the markets we serve. This component of our approach brings professional, impactful wellness approaches to the place where most people spend majority of their waking hours. In addition, these programs contribute to the success of the sponsoring companies by reducing their direct medical costs and worker absenteeism while promoting increased workforce productivity. To learn more about our customizable Worksite Wellness solutions, please click here.

Community Organization Outreach & Collaboration

We actively engage and partner with an array of organizations (YMCAs, JCCs, other charitable organizations) that already exist within the marketplace that are also engaged in promoting the health and well-being of the community from the start of our projects. This can include anything from providing access to the wellness center facilities at low/no cost to contributing center staff expertise to an existing community initiative to collaboratively formulating and facilitating all new programming to meet a community health promotion need.

Governmental Engagement

IWP engages the governmental structures in the communities where our facilities are located. We seek to work with governmental entities at all levels to assist them in realizing their health and well-being vision for the community. We strive to be a true partner in achieving their goals.

School-Directed Wellness Programming

A primary component of our model is educating the youth in our communities. We understand that health and wellness promotion is generational and that the children in our communities will carry forward our lessons as they develop.We work with the local schools to create curriculum and provide the tools for students to take their health into their hands.

Our approach can include school and center-based education and engagement programs designed to address physical, emotional and social wellness. Also, our sports enhancement offerings often are a critical component for an overall wellness strategy for this cohort by promoting success and safety in sporting endeavors for both the serious and recreational high school athletes. We also partner with colleges and universities as they adopt and implement institution-wide wellness strategies such as Health Campus 2020 that are designed to create an institutional cultures of wellness.

Comprehensive Data Capture, Integration and Analytics

IWP employs an integrated platform that allows us to harness the data being generated across our community wellness model. A proprietary component of our data solution allows for the incorporation of data from EMR systems as well as access to a wider federated and growing network of wellness data sets. These capabilities not only serve to enhance member and program participant experience, engagement and outcomes, but also provide the opportunity for associated clinicians, our partner hospitals/health systems, universities and researchers to leverage the power of the data and the insights it can provide.