A Collaborative Approach to Community Health Challenges

Continuing changes in healthcare are influencing communities across the country. Population health and value-based reimbursement are replacing the episodic care and fee-for-service model. Preventive health maintenance is no longer just a personal health decision. It’s a critical cost-avoidance strategy that requires strong, strategic partnerships to be successful.  That’s where IWP comes in.

With 25 years of collaborative wellness industry experience, IWP works with local partners to deliver a comprehensive and synergistic health and wellness solution that develops sustainable practices in their communities.  And our work doesn’t end at project delivery. We implement. We analyze. We enhance.  The result?  A transformational change that enables a sustainable “ecosystem of wellness” in each community.

Who We Partner With

IWP partners with health systems, universities, municipalities and other organizations to provide an integrated wellness solution that transforms the health and well-being of communities.  Serving as a platform for transformation, our Centers advocate for whole-community health, while creating an epicenter of expertise in each local market. This hub draws together professionals from the fields of medicine, public health and wellness to drive initiatives that transform communities.


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