Turnkey Approach

IWP and Signet

inset-SigEntLogoIWP, through its parent company, Signet and its affiliates take a comprehensive, systematic approach to validating, structuring, developing and operating projects in a manner that takes into account the unique needs and circumstances of each situation while also leveraging our decades of experience in the field. This approach helps insure the highest probability of achieving a successful project outcome.

IWP’s turnkey project process includes: feasibility analysis, stakeholder recruitment and project partner alignment, facility design, ownership and finance structure, construction oversight, pre-opening business and program development and ongoing operations.

Project Feasibility Assessment

Utilizing more than 25 years of experience in the field and the successful development of 18 medically-based health and wellness facilities, the IWP and Signet teams engages in a comprehensive feasibility assessment to determine market viability, community health and wellness needs, project stakeholders and potential partners, competitive environment, facility size and site prioritization, suggested clinical integration and initial programming, initial financial projections and special considerations.

Stakeholder Engagement and Project Partner Recruitment

Once a feasibility assessment has been completed and has resulted in a decision to move forward with the project, IWP will work to engage with identified stakeholders in the community. These can include healthcare organizations, governmental entities, schools and universities, the business sector, existing community organizations and other key influencers.


Facility Design Execution

IWP will work with an architectural firm and project partners to design a facility that will meet the requirements of the individual project partners and program while incorporating the integrative elements that will foster the synergies necessary for sustained success. Our approach is to create an “environment of wellness” that balances the clinical, retail and social elements that will result in the facility becoming a community hub for health promotion.

Ownership and Financing Structures

After partner commitments have been secured and resulting initial schematic design has taken place, the ownership and financing elements are formulated to meet the particular needs of the project. This can include the acquisition of necessary funding to fully complete project construction and includes IWP’s investment of all FFE and working capital to operate medical fitness and wellness business in partnership with a project partner(s).

Construction Oversight

Signet will facilitate the engagement of a general contractor on the appropriate overall project timeline. They will assign project managers to manage this relationship during the entire construction process from start to finish.

Pre-opening Medical Fitness, Wellness Business & Program Development

Starting well before groundbreaking, IWP will development of all financial and operating budgets and will recruit, hire and train all center staff. The design and execution of a systematic, multi-phased and community-wide marketing, engagement and enrollment campaigns. Furthermore, IWP will work collaboratively with project partners and key stakeholders to insure that the programming is developed to meet the identified health promotion needs of the community.

Ongoing Operations Management

IWP makes substantial capital investments in each of its wellness center projects and works intensively every day to insure project success for the long term. We bring to bear more than 25 years of experience in successfully operating medically-based fitness and wellness centers that produce outstanding outcomes for our membership, program participants, communities, and project partners. This approach includes engagement and guidance from the c-suite and our administrative support at the corporate-level through the daily execution by highly-skilled, experienced and committed center-based staff teams.