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Our Services

IWP's full range of services offers a custom-tailored solution to any client's project. With our all-encompassing turnkey approach, IWP not only tackles full-scale projects, but also individual elements such as wellness real estate, managing existing projects, and consulting, all while saving time and money by leveraging our curated ecosystem of partners. We work to create a locus of well-being for your community.

Turnkey Approach

Turnkey Approach to New Projects

IWP and Signet


IWP, through its parent company, Signet and its affiliates take a comprehensive, systematic approach to validating, structuring, developing, and operating projects in a manner that takes into account the unique needs and circumstances of each situation while also leveraging our decades of experience in the field. This approach helps us create tailor-made solutions that connect your community to wellness.

IWP’s turnkey project process includes feasibility analysis, stakeholder recruitment and project partner alignment, facility design, ownership and finance structure, construction oversight, pre-opening business and program development, and ongoing operations.

Reviewing Reports at Desk

Project Feasibility Assessment

IWP and Signet Teams engage in a comprehensive feasibility assessment.

Business Meeting

Stakeholder Engagement and Project Partner Recruitment

IWP will work to engage with identified stakeholders in the community.


Facility Design Execution

 IWP will design a facility that meets requirements of the project partners.


Pre-opening Medical Fitness, Wellness Business &

Program Development


Construction Oversight

Signet will facilitate the engagement of a general contractor.

Bridge Construction

Ownership and Financing Structures

Ownership and financing elements are formulated to meet needs of the project.


Operations Management

IWP works intensively every day to insure project success for the long term.

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Manag Existing Projects

Manage Existing Projects

Integrated Wellness Partners (IWP) has more than 30 years of experience in successfully managing commercial, corporate, and medically integrated health and fitness centers. We bring this same expertise, used in successfully operating our own centers, to work on your behalf to make certain your project reaches and exceeds all of its goals. Importantly, in managing your facility we believe that a strong alignment of interests helps to ensure that we share, meaningfully, both the risk and reward in achieving success for your center.

IWP provides a unique and flexible “turn-key” capability to center operations. Our ability to supply a uniquely crafted solution for your project includes both on-site and corporate-level support for:

Center Management

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Staffing & HR

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Programming & Service Line Development

Strategy & Execution

Technology Integration & Support

Accounting & Finance Tracking and Reporting

Sales Strategy & Execution

Community Wellness and Outreach



With its broad and deep expertise in the development and operation of commercial and medically-based health and fitness centers, IWP is uniquely situated to consult organizations to help them determine what the best path is forward for them.

Areas of consulting services include:

  • Feasibility

  • Real estate

  • Ownership structures

  • Financing

  • Market strategy development

  • Operations management

  • Integrated center and community programming

  • Corporate Wellness

  • Health and Wellness Technology

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