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Lake Nona Performance Club


The Lake Nona Performance Club (LNPC) demonstrates the essential role that a state-of-the-art, clinically-integrated fitness, wellness, and performance facility can play in the successful development of a “wellness community.” Wellness communities put a proactive approach to improving the health and well-being of every resident, employee, and visitor as a foundational pillar around which their town, city, or neighborhood is organized. A clinically-integrated fitness, wellness, and performance center, when designed and executed successfully, can serve as the locus of well-being for such a community. A place that not only serves the health promotion needs of individuals who come to the facility but also as a platform from which to launch lifestyle enhancement programming that impacts the entire community.

Tavistock Development, the expert developer of Lake Nona—a 17-square-mile wellness community in Orlando, Florida—conducted an exhaustive nationwide search for a best-in-class firm to partner with to provide an unparalleled resource for the promotion of well-being to its community. As a result of their search, they determined that IWP had the level of experience, project execution capabilities, and commitment to excellence necessary to bring their vision to life. Together, Tavistock and IWP set off on a several-year journey that led to the opening of the 130,000-square-foot Lake Nona Performance Club in August of 2021. In the short time since its opening, LNPC has become a cornerstone in the daily lives of people living, working, and visiting Lake Nona. Beyond state-of-the-art physical facilities, innovative lifestyle programming, and in-depth integration of traditional medical services, the project team established world-class collaborations to provide unparalleled resources to pursue whole-person well-being. From the “mind-body zone” created in partnership with Deepak Chopra to mindset training with Russell Wilson’s Limitless Minds to metabolic health promotion and human performance with Precision Rx to cognitive improvement with Nestre, the LNPC offers incomparable resources to pursue whole-person health and wellbeing. Quite simply, the Lake Nona Performance Club is the best wellness center in the country.


Project Partnership

Tavistock Development Co. LLC

IWP Services Provided

Wellness Center Development, Management Partner, Financing, Program Creation, and Worksite Wellness Platform   


130,000 Square Feet

Construction Completion

July 2021


Our Impact

The Lake Nona Performance Club provided Tavistock with the final missing piece to cement its place as the leading wellness community in the country. While Tavistock had addressed virtually every other aspect of the proactive pursuit of improved health and wellness, it was missing that singular cornerstone to serve as the locus of well-being for its world-class community. Its approximately 9,000 members have come to view the LNPC as a necessary part of their daily lives and a critical component of a fulfilling community experience. As hoped for, it has also served to help attract a world-class business community to Lake Nona by providing companies’ employees the opportunity to improve their personal health status and in the process, make a measurable contribution to improved productivity and decreased healthcare costs for their organizations.

The LNPC also serves another important purpose within the Lake Nona community. Whether it is through the clinically-integrated components within the LNPC, the connected 160,000 square foot sister medical office building or the five hundred acre “Medical City” just a 5-minute walk away, the LNPC has made a significant contribution to the expansion of the continuum of care in Lake Nona. This contribution has taken a couple of forms. First, the LNPC helps connect the acute and the optimal health sides of the continuum through the provision of special programs designed to receive patients who need additional help in getting fully restored or as a component of their ongoing care plan established by their provider. Secondly, the center also serves as a patient referral pathway for its members who, for a variety of reasons, may find themselves in need of clinical care. Long before the opening of the center and on an ongoing basis, the LNPC worked with its clinical collaborators to establish and maintain appropriate referral pathways for patients into a wide variety of clinical services, including primary care, bariatrics, orthopedics, and more.

Finally, the LNPC plays an important role in making Lake Nona a destination community for visitors. In collaboration with the medical services, hotels, restaurants, and sporting venues within Lake Nona, the center is able to craft unique wellness and performance “experience packages” by leveraging both its state-of-the-art facilities and unique constellation of programs. These 1-3 day “experiences” not only augment a visitors’ principal reason for visiting Lake Nona but also often serve as the primary reason they decide to make Lake Nona their destination. Importantly, the LNPC is located a mere 7-minute drive from the Orlando International Airport!

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